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Droves of Dragons

Episode #8969
"Eh??" Corrin asked, wondering if Camilla had knocked her head a bit too hard while smashing into her room.

"Well, if you say we need more forces to win the war, why not just fill the ranks with more of my adorable little sister?  Surely the results are similar to recruiting other princesses from castles on the other side of the Dragon's Gate, and it'd be much faster this way," Camilla replied with her usual smile.

Granted, Camilla had a point.  The war isn't winning itself, and Corrin trusted herself more than her alternate universe counterparts.  Thinking these things, Corrin asked, "okay, but even if what you say is possible, how would we do it? Are you sure it can be controlled?"

"Oh, my sweet sister, of course it's possible! All that we'd need to do would just... be... this!"

Before Corrin could object in panic, Camilla waved her hands, and both Corrin and the mirror began to glow.  Suddenly, she felt compelled to step forward toward the mirror, but a strange magic held her in place.  Her reflection, however, was not bound that way, and freely stepped out of the mirror.

Speechless, Corrin and her new clone stared at each other, mesmerized by her own beauty, truly seen from an outside perspective for the first time.  Slowly, two identical hands reached up to stroke the other person's face, and shortly after they pulled into a deep kiss.

After a couple minutes, Camilla cleared her throat to get Corrin(s)' attention, though she would have happily kept watching the amorous display for quite a while longer.

When the Corrins disentangled from their passionate kiss, they were shocked to see that the room was full of her. Apparently, Camilla kept the magic going even while Corrin was preoccupied. As far as she could tell, even more Corrins were filling the hallways outside her room.


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Rated: PG     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jun 16, 2018   08:49