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The Ocean's Gray Waves

Episode #8972
"Create an army of Azura."

"Azura?" Corrin was perplexed at what purpose summoning more Azuras would possibly serve. She figured she was following Camilla's train of thought, but out of everyone in the army, she did not appear to most to be the mightiest and most capable warrior.

"Why yes, you saw what she can do when she uses her song. She can quell entire armies, it even worked on that Hoshidan prince. Now imagine a chorus of songs, we wouldn't have to worry about any enemies in our way ever again."

This does seem enticing as Corrin begins to think about it. Her mind then goes back to the time where Azura seemed in great pain when using her song for anything greatly treacherous. If there were more of her, the combined power wouldn't have to require much energy from any of them.

Corrin, now gazing at their new tool, "it does sound too good to be true. I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it at least."

Camilla smiled sweetly at her sister, "Oh I'm so happy you think so, and I know Azura will trust you when you tell her."

"You say that like I'm gonna be the only one telling her this."

"Oh don't you know, darling?" Camilla retorted coyly, "I have a very important war meeting to attend to. I can't afford to occupy myself with other tasks."

"That's not fair, this wasn't even my idea! What do I even tell Azura? 'Hey Azura, check out this mirror, we're gonna use it to make a clone army of you.'"

"Oh I'm sure you'll think of something sweetie, you are an excellent leader and she's closer to you than anyone else. You can tell me all about it later over tea, ta-ta for now."

Camilla then shoves the mirror over to Corrin. It slides over and Corrin quickly catches it as it begins tipping over atop of her.

"B-b-but I can only lead in battle, and I'm awful at persuasion."

It was too late, Corrin was already left alone in her room with the mirror.

"...gods, why me."

Corrin sat alone inside the confines of Azura's bedroom, awaiting for Azura's arrival after she sent Kaze to request her presence. It was only a matter of time after twiddling her thumbs for several minutes, as she sits by the mirror along the wall.

As if right on cue, Azura turns into the room to see Corrin quaintly awaiting.

"Corrin,! You wanted to discuss something with me. Kaze said it was something rather important."

Corrin somewhat scrambles up, now realizing she will actually have to pitch this idea to Azura.
"No, it's not something greatly important. That is to say not to me, to others maybe, it may even be ludicrous, but you are a very understandable person."

Azura had troubling following Corrin's statement. She then turns to the mirror next to Corrin, "this is new, did you get me a new mirror?"

Corrin knew this was a ploy she could jump at, "yes, yes, actually I wanted to surprise you. We were going through storage, and noticed this mirror, seems to be a Nohrian antique. Anyway, it was in good condition, and I thought this would make a nice addition to your bedroom."

"Well I certainly appreciate the gesture Corrin, it was very kind of you to think of me."

Azura gives a closer examination to the mirror itself, along the unique indentations and carvings of the frame. She however became more fixated on her own reflection in the glass. It didn't feel like your typical mirror; the image was profoundly clear, almost like another person. She moved closer to gaze upon her long aqua hair, down to her dainty feet. Almost as if she felt compelled to, she placed her hand on the glass.

Just then an immense force was felt along Azura's body, and a bright light began to project from the mirror.

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Rated: G     Author: Wabamthereitis
Jun 19, 2018   21:56