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Jordan the Model

Episode #8976
Today was Jordan’s big day! She had been waiting for this moment her entire life, she was going to be a model for her favourite Latina model magazine!

She had always been a popular girl in school, with her tanned skin, perfectly sized breasts, sleek black hair, alluring blue eyes, and a trunk that always turned the boys high beams on her. She wasn’t dumb by any means, however, school never really was her thing, being held back a couple years. But one day, she had received an email during class, her Instagram had always been popular with the boys in school wanting to date her and girls in school wanting to be her (or do the same as the boys, she didn’t entirely care) as she always took amazing selfies and had a good eye for photography. This email she had received was a comment on her most popular, and one of her most recent selfies, from the magazine “Latina Girls” official account.

The comment read “Dear Jordan, you seem to have a very well molded figure, as you have shown in your many photos, we’d like to take a few pictures with you as a model for our newest upcoming magazine ‘Latina Girls: Summer Fever’ coming in the next months. We hope to hear from you soon!”

Seeing this comment, Jordan nearly blasted out the classroom to prepare for her new life as a model. Though instead, she had made some strange noises, which only made some classmates turn heads, some thinking she was a nut job, others still falling head over heels for her.

A couple months later, Jordan sat in a chair, waiting in the set room for the photographers.

“They should be here by now, it’s already...” she looks at her phone “... 12:30pm, shooting should have started half an hour ago!”

She sighed and slumped into her chair. She could probably wait a little longer for the men to shoot, right?

About 5 minutes pass and she stands up with a big stretch.

“Fuck it, I’m in this room for the shoot, might as well make myself comfortable with the environment.”

She looked around, it was a massive room with a big set up for some nice inside shots and another part with a white background set up for some other shots. Each had it’s own set of cameras with computers attached to them, already turned on and ready to shoot. There was a door that had a sign that read “print room” on it. At another wall, a large table full of snacks to eat for the crew and “Talent” for between/during/after photos are done.

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Rated: G     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jun 11, 2018   02:53