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Episode #8977

Meet Harriette, A young art student that had always bitten off more than she could chew. Harriette had been busy with hanging out with friends, going shopping, finishing final projects and working 2 jobs that she had completely forgotten about her art assignments... again...

These assignments that she had were all of her assignments up until the end of the school year, which her teacher allowed her to do, knowing how busy Harriette was. However... the end of the school year was tomorrow and she still hadn’t done any of her 20 assignments. Her teacher had said at the beginning of the week any pieces of art would count for marks, so long as it was decently well done and handed in on time...

Although Harriette was a great artist, she only had 12 hours to do 20 pieces of art!

“Maaaaaan what am I gonna do?! If I don’t complete all of these, I’ll never be able to get into art college!”

The art Collage Harriette wanted to go into was very strict on grades, she hadn’t failed a single class before knowing this. But if she failed an Art course in her last year, the school likely wouldn’t accept her, plus she’d probably be held back a year!

Harriette was frantically running around the art room, since they were allowed in it 24/7, trying to find inspiration for art to create. She was already creating a mess, and had gotten a lot of paint on her, but she was too determined to pass to let a paint mess stop her!

With her mind running a thousand miles a second, she...

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Rated: G     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jul 09, 2018   05:11