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I love me!

Episode #8979
Alice stood in the bathroom with her body leaned up against the sink. She was looking at herself closely in the mirror, twisting her fingers in and out of her chest-length chestnut hair. She was fashioning it into two long pigtail braids, her favorite look.

“These are just perfect!” She squeaked at herself, gently wacking the braids forward and back with her hands. “You look... Perfect.” She said to her reflection, biting her lip. Her eye drifted from her hair to her outfit, up her body to her chest, her sun-tanned skin, her supple neck, her smooth jaw, her thin and pursed lips.

“I could just...” Alice paused for a moment, listening for anyone else approaching the bathroom. Then, out of her own personal pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed her reflection. Her eyes were open the whole time because she wanted to see her face as it came closer. She was used to her reflection becoming lost when the breath from her lungs fogged up the glass, but it didn’t, for some reason.

Better yet, she didn’t feel cold glass on her lips. It was warm...

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 16, 2018   09:36