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Cut the Line

Episode #8980
Charlotte and Emily walked through the cafeteria side by side, arm in arm, and hip to hip. If you looked fast, you might even think the identical twins were actually attached to each other. If they were, their life would be so much easier.

“Bagel, right?” Charlotte asked. The twins were identical skinny dirty blondes, but Charlotte’s hair was styled to look longer than Emily’s up-do.

“Sour dough or bust.” Emily answered whimsically. Charlotte nodded slightly, picking up the sour dough bagel as Emily picked up two bottles of water. The pair got in line behind a couple stupid jock boys.

“Oh, hello ladies...” one of the boys said, turning his back to his friends to address the twins. His friends turned to watch. “Only getting one bagel, Emily?” he asked, looking at Charlotte.

“I’m Charlotte.”
“She’s Charlotte” the twins said at the same time.

“Same difference, right?” One of the boy’s friends remarked.

“Wait, you two are getting one bagel?” The boy asked again. Charlotte and Emily nodded. “To share?” He clarified. They nodded again. “Isn’t that sweet?” He said to the two other jocks behind him.

“You know what? I’ll let you cut in line. Get out of this god forsaken school as quick as you can.” He said, putting on a generous guise.

The twins’ faces perked up, liking the prospect, but still nervous.

“One condition...” he said. “Emily can cut me, but Charlotte has to wait to buy the waters...”

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Rated: G     Author: TheMagicBox
Dec 16, 2018   09:46