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Ending things?

Episode #8981
The cafeteria is loud with students some keeping to themselves talking in their group's and others yelling across the vast space to other tables. Among the ones keeping to themselves are beautiful triplets Evelyn, Lydia, and Wendy Their Black hair covers their shoulders and for Wendy and Evelyn part of their faces. Their makeup choices and dark clothes are virtually identical making it impossible to tell who is who. Just the way they like it. If nobody can tell them apart, they are less likely to bother them. At least that was the idea when they first started doing it but these days it seems like people bother them just to try and learn how to tell them apart. They've even considered ruining their identical looks and getting unique streaks of color for their hair just so people would stop needing to 'figure who's who'. Some manage to be unique enough to not annoy them but for the rest, they prefer to be left alone with only each others company. Today has been no exception so far.

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Rated: G     Author: TwinsApocalypse
Dec 22, 2018   03:20