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Shower Tussle

Episode #8982
Sav had gone through P.E class and was waiting for a shower to be unoccupied. Luckily for her all the girls were done at the same time so they exited and she had the shower hall to herself while the other girls were in towels. She kept all the showers on to make it misty and stepped in the hall. While scrubbing her scalp she bumped asses with another girl and both said sorry. She then bumped heads with the same girl under the same shower despite all the showers being on. Getting the soap from her eyes she came face to face with herself. "Who are you" they both said "I asked you first" "Stop that" as they went back and forth simultaneously. Finally enough was enough and they began grappling each other, each one very slippery. The ruckus attracted the girls from the locker room luckily the coach had already left. The girls surrounding began cheering and edging on the fight. Both Savs lost their balance due to the watery ground and with the showers still on they both hit the ground and rolled around tangling wet limbs and not wanting to lose the fight in front of their peers. They rolled on top of eachother and tried to keep the position but it was no use. The wet babes kept rolling tit to tit squeezing against eachother in the tightly contested matchup under the showers while occasionally banging and running vaginas. Both panted and moaned trying to out do their identical foe. One Sav grabbed the others tit and squeezed giving her a momentary advantage to get on top. She then punched her double in the face then was grabbed by the hair and pulled down. The other Sav then got on top and slapped her double. The audience of students cheered for Sav until they realized that they were both Sav. Each Sac again struggled for dominance and then pushed away from eachother to get a break in the action. After a second or two they got to their feet and bolted toward one another putting eachother in headlocks and were now cheek to cheek. Both squeezed hard and roamed around the shower hall banging the walls and criss crossing legs. The crowd looked horrified as both fought what looked like to the death. Savs friend Amil yelled "Which ones Sav" both Savs screamed "I am".

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Jun 16, 2018   06:27