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Triple Threat

Episode #8990
As Sonya uncovered her eyes, she saw not just one, but two copies of her. She was honestly speechless, she didn't expect even just one copy of her to appear, much less two of them. This mirror is definitely not something to be trifled with.

"Well now, this is certainly...interesting" Sonya said, walking closer to them

"I'll say" one of the others said

"Just what is that mirror?" the other one asked

"Hhhmmm" they as said in unison.

The three of them stood there, pondering on just what they should do. They look towards each other, taking in their details, and wondering just what to do next.

"Perhaps there's something about this mirror in one of the books in this place's library?" the first Sonya said

"Well it couldn't hurt to check" the second one added

"Well how should we go about this? Should just one of us go, or should we all check to be more thorough?" the third one asked

They spend a few minutes mulling it over. All three of them going would definitely benefit in getting through the books quicker. But on the other hand, there could be other things that the other two could do if just one of them goes to check.
After so long, one of them comes to a conclusion...

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Rated: G     Author: bone-zone
Jun 09, 2018   15:34