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The True Snake

Episode #9007
Both Miias looked at each other confused. They touched each other at the cheek to see if what they were seeing was real. It all was, all down to the tip of the tail, and it was just like her.

She's just like me, they both thought to themselves. What should I do?

Both Miias started to think about it. Maybe this Miia can help me with work around the house, and help improve my cooking as I lay back and have sex with my Darling!

They both looked up.
Without realizing it they had both stated their plans out loud and her doppelganger heard her loud and clear.

"Wait," they both said. "You can't be with Darling. You're not even the original, just a clone. And STOP SAYING THE SAME THINGS I SAY!"

Both annoyed, they slither towards each other, breasts being pushed together. They stand tall, looking each other in the eyes.

"I'M THE ORIGINAL!!" both of them yell.

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Rated: G     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Jul 15, 2018   03:03