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Single pursuit of knowledge

Episode #9029
Sonya clapped her hands, getting the attention of the other two.

"How about this? I go to the library to research this mirror, and I'll leave you two to do what you see fit. That sound fair?" she asks. The other two reply

"Fine by me"

"No objections here"

Sonya puts her hands to her hips

"Good, now I'll see you two later" she says, winking at them as she leaves

It doesn't take long for Sonya to get to the library. Once she gets there, she ponders just what secrets Nuibaba had within these tomes. But, her focus for now is set on finding out about that mirror.
She looks through book after book, but to no avail.She closes the book in front of her with a frustrated sigh, and starts rubbing her temples

"This is getting me nowhere, and it's making me unnecessarily mad...which can't be good for my complexion" She says, now with concern with her beauty.
Her thoughts now drift to the other Sonyas, wondering what they're doing, and if they've made any progress themselves.

But her thoughts are interrupted by a noise echoing through the halls of the building. A pair of guttural moaning sounds. She wonders just what, or who, could be making those noises, so she gets up and heads back to the bedroom.
On her way back, her mind races with what could possible be making those noises. Could the other Sonya's be in trouble? Had someone broken in undetected? Did a spell run amok? The pure thought of these possibilities filled Sonya with anxiety as she picked up the pace to her destination.

But all those anxieties vanished as she got there, and were replaced with a feeling of disbelief in what she saw: The other two Sonya's were on the bed, entwined in each others arms and kissing deeply.

They clearly didn't notice her there, as they simply just continued on, smiling as one lightly bites at the lip of the other, making them both chuckle. The one on top then sticks her tongue out, and the other starts sucking on it with enthusiasm, 'causing them both to moan some more.

Afterward, the one on bottom sticks her own tongue out, and they probe each other's mouths with their tongues, mashing their lips together, and tongues tangling around each other in a dance of passion, all while they grind and grope at each other.

Sonya couldn't believe what she was seeing; two versions of her kissing so passionately, and with such enthusiasm. And while she felt dirty to admit it, it was pretty hot to look at,
and just couldn't help but feel her hand gravitate towards her nether regions.

As she finished that thought, the two Sonya's broke away and looked into each others eyes, both of them seeing the absolute hunger for the other, and with a sultry chuckle from both of them, they grab each other's faces, and mashing their lips and tongues together with even more enthusiasm than before, and moaning loudly.

At this point, Sonya could only do one thing...

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Rated: PG     Author: bone-zone
Jun 24, 2018   18:13