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Copy, Print

Episode #9051
Jordan went into the print room full of curiosity. Upon entering the room she saw an abundance of printers of all shapes and sizes, some small and others big enough to fit her. She grew more curious and wanted to test some of the odd looking printers. She saw a 3d printer and put her wallet in, she went to the controls and set the printer to one copy and pressed start, seconds later there was two identical wallets, indistiguishable. She examined them both and even their contents had been replicated. Jordan was amazed at this and ventured further in the room. She saw a medium sized printer and decided to test this one as well, she flicked a switch and she saw the big human sized printer light up, she smiled but refocused on the medium sized one and turned it on with an alternative switch. She took off both of her sandals and placed them inside. She then pressed start and with a glow she could see that the sandals had been copied. She was not even able to tell which had been the original pair so decided to take one from each pair to test the quality of the copy. Each felt the same as and the ones she wore previously. She now stepped up to the big print machine. The print machine was not ordinary as it was circular with a sliding door that opened and a green ray at the entry. She looked at the machine and pressed start but nothing happened. She then threw in her wallet and again pressed start and still nothing. Annoyed, Jordan walked in to get her wallet when all of the sudden the door slide shut and scans and colors from all around blinded her. She fell to the floor as she could smell smoke and the machine squeaking from all the movement. The movement finally stopped and smoke surrounded Jordan and she could hear the door had slid open again but Jordan still needed her wallet. She crawled around looking for it and after a few seconds she could vaguely see it and went toward it. As she reached for the wallet her hand met another's and identical screams could be heard. The smoke began to clear as Jordan was face to face with herself.

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Rated: G     Author: 22double
Jun 16, 2018   03:24