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Episode #9054
Each Jordan stepped up to one another. "Wow the perfect copy" both spoke "No your the copy, No your the copy".  They both analyzed one another from head to toe, comparing their tan, long, smooth legs to their perfect voluptuous breast, they were identical but neither would admit it. They inched closer now bumping breast trying to secure dominance. "Back off" they both spat "I have a shoot today and theirs only room for one latin queen and that's me" both getting angrier began to shove eachother. They then heard a yell for them "Jordan, Jordan we need you now". Hearing this they both lunged at eachother, rolling out of the printer and they grabbed eachother and put a finger over the others lip and went behind the machine. They both struggle to get the opposing Jordan's finger off them and finally after using the opposite hand they pulled eachothers fingers off and spoke "Listen I have a shoot I don't have time for this". They both inched closer, now centimeters apart they spoke "I'm the sexier one anyway" their lips grazed while they said this and immediately after they began a wrestling catfight as they tangled limbs and tugged at the others hair and screamed in agony. The photographer came in startled at the sight of the two identical beauties fighting. Both spoke "Grab her she's a copy" and they continued their brawl as clothes were torn and skin rubbed against skin and each fought to be on top. The photographer stood their in awe wondering what to do next.

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
Jun 16, 2018   05:01