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Short on time

Episode #9059
The photographer looked between both girls frantically trying to see which one was the real one, but the more Jordan fought with herself, the more clothes started to tear and bruises started to form on their bodies.

The photographer let out a big sigh. “Oh forget it...” he said under his breath, the Jordans to busy fighting to realize he had walked right past them.

After a couple of minutes, both of Jordan were on the floor in tatters of what they once wore, and many bruises and cuts all over their bodys. They lay together on the floor, when they suddenly heard the hum of the human sized photo copier. They looked over and saw the photographer at a panel, leaning on the machine.

“What... are you doing...?” Jordan panted in stereo.

“Well, since you two have completely lost it and have ruined your bodies, now there’s no actress for the shoot! And since I don’t have time to call in a new girl...” he glances over to the machine. “...well, let’s just say I’m lucky it still remembers your body before your ‘rough up’ with yourself.”

Just then, the door slides open and out walks a fully clothed, perfectly healthy Jordan.

“Perfect!” The photographer yells excitedly, and quickly walks away with her, leaving the other two laying on the floor.

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Rated: PG     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jun 17, 2018   02:49