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Mrs. Evens 2

Episode #9062
The students discussed among themselves then had one go out to say the rules.

"Ms. Evens and Ms. Evens in order to find out which of you is really our teacher, will need you both to teach, who ever wins the attention of the class and teaches better is Ms. Evens."

With that being said both Ms. Evens looked at eachother and without wasting anytime they went to the grammar book. Each one trying to to get too violent in front of the class gave one another a small shove with their body as they battled for possesion of the teachers guide English text book.

Each Ms. Evens then grabbed a marker and both spoke "Okay class.." They then looked at eachother and said "Excuse me" and tried to begin talking again

This pattern continued until finally it became of battle of who would talk and direct the class. Both tried talking then saying excuse me and they put up their hands, trying to silence the other politely.

"Can I teach my class" one Ms. Evens said followed by the other saying "This is MY class" both stepped up now lightly bumping the side of their breast and started writing on the board.

They constantly bumped hands and argued over space and finally after both had scribbled enough they put down the markers in perfect sync and tried to lecture.

Ms. Evens and Ms. Evens both wanted to be in front of the classroom so naturally they both stepped up only to have collided with their double there too.

Disregarding this, they both began to talk and as most teachers do, they would move their hands around as they talked. Both said "So when you have a subject and a noun" while using their hands for a visual representation they would often find the others hands in their face or general space. Both Ms. Evens banged hands and tried to move the others and draw more attention to themself.

"Students listen to me" "No students, listen to me" " I'll give you all an A" "She's lying" they both went back and forth with one another until finally they turned toward eachother with identical faces of anger and at such close quarters that their noses were smashed together and neither was willing to back down.

Both Ms. Evens stood their noses crushed together and lips slightly touching and their breast mushroomed together, all in front of their class.

One Ms. Evens slid her right leg forward while the other slid her left leg as if getting ready for a fight.

Anger could be seen on both the identical womens faces and they were very up close and personal.

Both spoke in sync "I'm Ms. Evens and I'm done sharing my class, leave now"

The class gave an "Oooooooooo"

Both Ms. Evens stood there body to body, thigh to thigh, face to face contemplating on their next move.

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Rated: PG     Author: 22double
Jun 18, 2018   08:26