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She’s the liar!

Episode #9065
Sav and Sav could feel their oxygen running out as they tightened their headlocks. Finally Amil ran in and pulled them apart. “Amil! Help me!” They both pleaded. Amil looked backa and forth confused. Both Savs gritted their teeth. “Amil! It’s me, we’ve been friends since fourth grade!” Sav look at her double and snarled. “She is lying!” “No she is!” “Shut up, bitch!” “No you!” Sav bickered with her double and grew angrier and angrier. “Sav please stop!” Amil pleaded. The girls pushed her aside and charged eachother again, locking hands. Finally, another student jumped in and grabbed Sav by the waist, hoisting her back. Seeing an opportunity, the other Sav slapped her double in the face, causing Amil to grab her. All the students murmered amongst themselves confusedly. Finally, both Savs stopped thrashing and pushed the wet hair out of their faces, staring daggers at each other. “You can let me go, Im calm now.” They both said. Amil and the other girl hesitantly let go. “Sav, what happened?” Amil asks. Both girls go to talk but notice the other. They huff and turn away, going opposite directions. Sav throws a towel around her and returns, noticing her twin did the same . Of course she did.

“Well, I was in the shower when this bitch showed uo and just attacked me? WHAT?YOUATTACKEDMEYOULIARIHATEYOU.” As both Savs spoke in unison their words became jumbled and enough had been enough. Sav ran out of the locker room and Sav followed. Both girls sprinted out of the school and into the woods, trying to get away from one another. At this point they both realized where the other was heading: home.

Sav stopped and faced her double, who ran tit to tit right into her. The girls fell down in a mess of limbs and began to roll around...

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Rated: PG     Author: 2601:98b:4480:d77e:915e:909e:d0c0:77bd
Dec 07, 2018   07:20