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Enchanting the Dragon Princesses

Episode #9072
Blushing furiously, the two Corrins break from their hug and face Camilla while holding each other's hand.

"Wow, so many of me..." Corrin stated breathlessly.  "Can I really manage to lead an army of this size?" she asked her sister.

"While I'm certain my dearest sister could pull it off, I have just the enchantment for you," Camilla answered. "Close your eyes, and imagine a web connecting you to all your new 'sisters', and I'll do the rest.

Camilla then muttered an incantation, and slowly every Corrin started glowing green momentarily, except the original, who glowed blue. One by one, the green glows became blue, and Camilla told Corrin to open her eyes when they finished turning color.

Suddenly, Corrin was looking out of dozens of eyes at once, and felt herself thinking tons of things at once without difficulty. She felt every breath of every body, every lock of hair tingling her shoulders, and every shuffle of fabric across her many breasts... Huh, were they that big before?

Indeed, they looked comparable to Camilla's now, straining against her tightly wrapped clothing.  Soft exclamations arose from all the Corrins, and she turned to Camilla saying, "Whoa, I feel like I'm controlling five hundred people..." It was then she noticed that she accidentally spoke from four mouths at once.  "This will takes getting used to..." six of her said.  "By the way, what's up with these breasts?" Corrin asked as ten of her cupped her hands around her breasts and bounced them up and down a few times.

That wasn't a good idea.

Suddenly, Corrin felt those jiggles propagated throughout her army of selves, and had the feedback of her dectuple breast stimulation multiplied many times over.  Engrossed in a wave of horniness, she never heard Camilla's playful reply as Corrins all over began pairing up and making out while fondling their breasts.


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Rated: PG     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jul 30, 2018   09:32