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Then there were...

Episode #9078
Jordan and Jordan got up from the floor, at first helping each other, then realizing who was with them and quickly pushed each other away.

“Look what you just did you bitch!” One Jordan yelled.

“Me?! You’re the one who couldn’t accept that they were the copy like a bitch! Happy with yourself?!” The other yelled.

Both started to walk into eachother’s face, getting right in and personal.

“Happy?! You just probably ruined my career, and now there’s not two, but three of me that will be walking around! We don’t even know if this is reversible or not!”

Both of them froze, “what if it isn’t reversible...” one Jordan said

“What if... we won’t be unique anymore...” the other said.

They both backed up a little, looking each other directly in the eyes. ”Will I be able to live with myself?” they both thought.

They smiled, “well... it’s always nice to have a little company around, no?” They said in unison, then giggled together and ran together to give a great big hug.

In their tired and mentally exhausted state, they had failed to realize the machine was still humming. But when it suddenly gave of a loud spark, they both jumped away from the machine terrified.

“Uh... is it, y’know, suppose to be doing that?” One Jordan asked.

“How the hell should I know?! I’m not-“ The other Jordan was cut off as the sliding door closed, the him getting much louder than before.

“That... can’t be good.” Jordan said in Unison.

Lights began flashing from the machine, beeping going off, and the hum only getting louder, louder, louder, LOUDER!

The Jordans cowered together in fear, until they heard the door to the printer open. To their horror, yet not much surprise, another Jordan walked out, a little dizzily, but still in perfect health and fully clothed. The two quickly caught the new one before she fell and quickly sat her on the floor. They heard the door move again, but it was the door opening yet again, with another Jordan walking out, same as the other. They quickly sat her down beside the other Jordan.

“The machine must be busted or something!” One Jordan tried to yell over the loud humming and sparks.

“No shit!” The other said.

As they were yelling, The machine had made 4 more Jordans, all just walking out dizzily, only to then scream as each saw a room with multiple of herself in it, and the machine didn’t seem like it was slowing down.

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Rated: PG     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jun 17, 2018   03:20