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Jordan royale

Episode #9080
Realizing that the situation is quickly escalating out of hand, the two Jordan's sprint to the control panel, stride for stride in perfect sync, immediately they both start looking for am off button.

Both girls look ferociously for the button, the panel was not big so they stood hip to hip, occasionally having to bump the other for a more straight on view.

Each Jordan stopped focusing on finding the button as they were lost in the competition for control of the panel.

They bumped hips back and forth until eventually both turned around colliding asses, trying to move their double. Their asses were pressed together as both tried desperately to move the other.

After seeing that their struggle was a waste of time they gave eachother scornful looks and both whispered "When we're done here, I'm kicking your ass"

They went back and finally saw the off button

Both reached for it and their hands met as they smashed the button down. The machine calmed and would not make any more clones now the Jordan's had one other problem. Each other.

Both the Jordan's then looked at eachother and lunged at eachother like crazed animals.

Both had one hand full of hair and the other full of a tit. They both stood up, stepping on one another's feet and occasionally colliding toes.

All the sudden they were hit and the Jordan landed right on top of the other Jordan and their breast mashed together.

As they looked to see what had hit them, they saw a massive brawl of the other Jordan's who were tearing eachother apart as well.

They stared for a moment to see the chaotic battle. They could see one of the pair's of Jordan's were the fight had intensified to one Jordan biting the others bottom lip and the other biting her top and a sexy latina catfight.

The two Jordan's now turned to eachother.

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Rated: X     Author: 22double
Jun 18, 2018   07:35