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Mrs. Evens 3

Episode #9090
Both Mrs. Evens stood in a tightly contested matchup with eachother. The students looked on eager to see what would transpire next as each Mrs. Evens stood plastered to her identical counterpart.
Both attempted to size the other up and put an end to the charade.

"I'm Mrs. Evens, you're some cheap copy" Mrs. Evens to the right said
" I don't think so phony" spat Mrs. Evens to the left

The students looked on as their teachers were pressed against eachother.

Finally one student spoke up "I know how we can settle this for real".

Both Mrs. Evens looked attentively at him but never once decreasing the space between themselves.

Their boobs stayed tightly smashed against the others and their thighs touching still as each Mrs. Evens refused to be the one to back down.

The student spoke up again "I will simply ask each of you why you are the real Mrs. Evens and you will answer accordingly.

Both Mrs. Evens agreed and looked at eachother with disgust as both hesitantly began pulling back for now, but as a last display of dominance that each tried to show, both Mrs. Evens clunk foreheads and noses together and their lips also graze and they push off of each other.

Because both had the same idea and leaned in with force they now had smashed heads and lips together but quickly broke away from eachother, looks of anger were exchanged between the competing Mrs. Evens.

The student then asked " Alright who's first"

"She is" both said simultaneously
"No she is" both now standing up pointing at one another.

Both were about to square off again when the student intervened "Okay play rock, paper, scissors shoot for it."

Both Evens grunted and looked toward eachother annoyed.

Both began "Rock Paper Scissors Shoot!"

It was a draw as both picked paper

Again and again the two went on getting a draw every time.

The students began becoming restless and the Evens even more so.

All of the sudden the bell.rang and the student's asked if they could leave and they were given permission by both Mrs. Evens.

Now both stood alone with anger in their eyes as they began circling eachother.

"You can leave now, I'll even hold the door for you" one said

No sweetie this Is my class that we're in and you're leaving" the other replied

"Well I see we have a problem" one said

"That we do and I'm gonna have to settle it" said the other

"There's only room for one Mrs. Evens and you're looking at her" both said simultaneously.

Now annoyed each stepped up bumping each other again, in a class room empty and only they remained. Each one trying to be supierior to the other.

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Rated: R     Author: 22double
Jul 09, 2018   07:34