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Katie Strips Katie

Episode #9094
"Hmmm OK how about you tell me why how come there are two of you." Joe asks point at the Katie one the left.

"I found a magic bottle on the beach which created a copy of me, and gave me a message telling me how to get rid of my evil double." The Katie on the left replied, while the other Katie fumes. 

"What was the message?" Joe asks pointing at the other Katie.

"The message *I* found said: Congratulations on opening my note, this was an enchanted bottle which splits one in two, hopefully you enjoy.... if you and your double do not get along then simply reopen the bottle to undo but there is a catch, the one of you that opens the bottle will remain the other will disappear, hope you enjoy." The right hand Katie answers, while the other nods.

"So if I open the bottle there will be two of me?" Joe asks, looking at the bottle, mildly surprised he is taking these revelations so calmly.

"Hmmmm, maybe, I guess so." Both Katie's reply, ignoring the fact that they said they same thing at the same time, as they look speculatively at Jim as they contemplating the idea of two Jim's. 
"Interesting. OK, let's see if you are really identical, strip." Joe calmly commands.

"WHAT! NO WAY!" Both Katie's protest loudly in unison, glaring at Jim they both stomping their right foot and putting their hands angrily on their hips.

"You know that is less scary and more comical when both of you do it." Jim comments amused waving the bottle at them, meaningfully.

"We are in the middle of the beach in daytime! It's too public here! Too much light, everyone will see! Maybe somewhere else?" They add together, blushing and shooting a glance at each other.

"Alright how about this then, press together, so you are looking over each others shoulder, chin on her shoulder." Joe commands smiling, a cunning plan occurring to him.

"OK" The Katie's readily agree to this lesser demand, and face each other, slowly moving closer until they are pressing themselves together, against breasts mushrooming against breasts.

"Done. Can we separate now?" Both Katie's ask at the same time. Their string bikini clad bodies pushing sexily together. 

"No. Now press your hips together, and wrap your right leg all the way around her left leg." Joe commands.

"You'd better not enjoy this... done." They again reply together, a slight strain in their voices as they balance entwined together.

"So you're both sure you really really don't want to take your bikini's off?" Joe double checks, while wondering if their comment was addressed to him or each other.  

"YES!" Both Katie's confirm emphatically, pressed together with their arms loosely around each others waist.

"Well then, if you really want this bottle... undo her bikini!" Joe orders.

"Don't you dare!!" Panicked both Katie's cry out in unison at each other, they really want the bottle, and realise their foe is desperate to avoid becoming naked.
This makes the opportunity to humiliate their foe too tempting, both think they can make the other give up, so both of them ignore the others panicked protest.
Their hands fly to the double knot they can see at the center of their foes back, familiar with the knot they quickly undo it.

"Stop it!!"  Both Katie's order each other, as they feel the tight string around their chests loosen.
Both ignore their foes command, hands sweeping their foes hair aside, so they can see the double knot there, and again they quickly undo do that knot.

"Undo the bottoms too!" Joe encourages them, savoring the erotic sight before him.
The encouragement was unnecessary as the Katie's hands have already moved to the elegant knots on the sides of their foes bikini, and started trying to undo the knots one handed.

"Stop it!" The Katie's beg of each other, leaning back with their torsos, their legs enmeshed, they stare into each others eyes, neither finding any mercy in the others flushed gaze.
The Bikini straps fall from their neck and their bikini's slip off their breasts, as panicked they realise the only thing keeping them in place was the press of chest on chest.   

"You bitch! OHH!" The Katie's moan, as they pulling on their foes bikini bottom, they use the force to slam their bare breasts together, inadvertently giving each other painful wedgies.
Their fingers hooked though the strings, they yank even harder taking the tension off the knot as they race to pick them apart, their legs entangled and their bodies pressed together.

Finally knots at their hips until they give way, the bikini's that were digging into their crotches are wrenched though that sensitive area, and they find themselves falling, chests parting.
They realise they have nothing to pull on, and as their hands as they brush past each other, the Katies cooperate, grabbing each others hands, they lace their bikini snarled fingers together, and pull!

"Nooooo!!!" Almost naked they cry out as they desperately struggle for balance, bare breasts bouncing and bikinis sliding down their bodies and falling away from arse's, as they untangle their legs. 
Heaving on their clenched interlocked fingers, they cover their bare breasts by mashing them together, and trap their falling bikini's between their thrusting hips, their bare butts clenched.

"OK now you can separate, but keep holding hands." Joe tells them smiling as he admires the muscle contours of the Katies taut young bodies, as they arch against one another.

"No I'll be naked!" Both Kates cry, as embarrassed, flushed and panting, they turn to look at Jim, their red faces touching cheek to cheek, and notice their towels a distance down the beach.

Jim's imagination slips into overdrive, then grids to a halt, as he realizes that if he gets intimate with one, the other will grab the bottle and end his fun.

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Rated: X     Author: Vipeout
Aug 08, 2018   05:56