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The Princesses Discuss

Episode #9098
“I’m assuming you’re as lost as I am?” Camilla asked, crossing her arms below her large chest.

“As clueless as ever, darling.” The other Camilla replied. She was tapping her chin as she got lost deep in thought. The original Camilla took a closer look at the mirror that nearly blinded her.

“This mirror... this must have been the cause. There was this truly bizarre light, and next thing I knew I’m staring at myself.”

“Don’t tell me that’s a bad thing, now!” The other Camilla replied with a chuckle. “At least you’re staring at true beauty!”

“You’re not wrong, darling!” Camilla retorted, eager as ever.

It wasn’t long before the two Nohrian princess returned to staring into each other’s beautiful, purple eyes. This time, however, the both of them were feeling a strange sensation, and they knew it well. After seeing their own bodies in the flesh... it’s no surprise they’re beginning to feel a bit of lust for themselves.

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Rated: PG     Author: BillyJenkins123
Jun 19, 2018   07:43