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Looking for Answers

Episode #9101
Despite admiring their own physical appearances, the Camillas ignored their temptations. Rather, they will work together to understand how or why the mirror duplicated her.

"It seems we've got quit the dilemma, wouldn't you agree?"

"Perhaps the best accident that's ever happened to us! Even so, I can't help but be curious at this mirror... you did say it was the mirror, yes?"

The first Camilla nodded in return, pointing to the mirror. She had noticed something that wasn't there before: a crack-- no, several cracks webbed across the surface.

"Oh dear, that was not there before... it must have cracked after the, erm... incident."

The second Camilla gently brushed her hand across the cracked glass surface.

"Perhaps this mirror is only a one time use... but why? What could possibly be the purpose?" 

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Rated: G     Author: BillyJenkins123
Jun 19, 2018   16:55