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Alluring Beauties

Episode #9102
The two Nohrians stood facing each other for quite a while now. Slowly, their bizarre feeling of lust grew and grew, until the princesses could no longer contain it.

Especially in the presence of such beauty; it was impossible to resist. Camilla always knew how beautiful she was, but looking at her own reflection was nothing compared to this. She was never the narcissistic type... but that could all change in an instant.

Camilla, both of them, quickly eyed the other up and down, studying their own assets. Many criticized her for wearing such scantily clad armor, but Camilla was always confident with herself and her body. And that's exactly what both princesses were admiring: their bodies.

Her slender figure, her perfectly-rounded rear, her long, lavender hair, her large bust that filled the armor beautifully--

"My gods..." both Camillas muttered at the same time.

It was at this moment the two of them stepped closer towards each other, one wrapping her arms around the other's waist, the other around her neck. They pulled close into an embrace until their breasts gently pushed against each other.

Then, Camilla closed her eyes, slowly leaning in until she locked in a kiss with the most divine woman she had ever seen.

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Rated: R     Author: BillyJenkins123
Jun 19, 2018   17:09