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A mage's triple tongue tango

Episode #9125
"Having fun without me, Ladies?" Sonya said, causing her copies to interrupt their steamy kiss and look towards her

"I go and look for information and you two are here getting to know each other better?" Sonya crosses her arms and pouts

"I almost feel offended" although her pout quickly turns into a playful smile, one that says that she wants in on the fun

The two other Sonyas gather themselves on the bed

"We're so sorry, we just couldn't help ourselves" One of them said, now kissing the neck of the other

"Just the sight of our own bodies was enough to, oh god, yes....enough to send us off the deep end" the other said, unable to contain herself from the kisses on her neck. Sonya places her hands on her hips

"Well I hope you have room for one more" she said in a deep and sultry voice, 'causing the other two to blush deeply

"Why don't you come over and see for yourself?" they both replied in unison

Sonya walked over to the other two, the two of them now kneeling on the bed.Sonya got up onto the bed, knees holding her up and now in a triangular position with her clones. They all look at each other and chuckle, inching their way closer to each other, faces gravitating towards the middle. Although they can't help but pause and just admire each other's identical features. All three of them, however, had the same intent; placing the hands on the back of the others' heads, and the three of them pulling each other into a steamy and passionate kiss.

Three sets of lips, all in contact with each other at once. The sensation was enough to elicit moans from all three of them almost immediately, their tongues now meeting in a messy display of pleasure. The idea of making out with just another of herself was inciting enough, but kissing two at once? It was unthinkable! And yet here she was, her tongue dancing around with two other identical ones, three sets of hands moving from the back of each other's heads to ravishing and groping each other, from breasts, to asses, to rubbing each others pussies, they were all in a kneeling mess of limbs as they all moan into each other's mouths in a sloppy moment of pure pleasure.

After a few minutes of kissing, they separate, a three way line of saliva connecting their three tongues, and panting hard.
"Well, looks like I am good kisser after all" One of them said
"Indeed, things got pretty heated there" another replied
"So why don't we get a little more...comfortable?" the last suggested

The three of them just chuckle, and start taking off their dresses. Two of them get theirs off rather fast, and see that the last is just about to take hers off. They look to each other, and flash a mischievous smile at each other.
Right as the last Sonya removes her dress, her voluptuous breasts are beset upon by the other two

"Oh my~" she said, her hands now resting on their heads as they start sucking her tits.
The other two Sonyas sucked on both nipples with enthusiasm, massaging, groping and kissing her breasts all the while. Sonya starts panting, feeling herself getting more and more wet. She can't help but stick her tongue out in pure pleasure as her face is flush with pure horniness. One of them lightly bites on the nipple, practically nibbling on it. Biting her lip, Sonya stifles a moan, her hands now grabbing the hair of both other Sonyas.

"I think it's your turns now~" Sonya said, making the other two stop.
Sonya then leads a breast of each of them to her mouth, her tongue now lapping and licking at both nipples at the same time, the two Sonyas moaning in unison. Sonya sucked on both nipples as she used her fingers to massage and grope the other respective breasts, as well as playing with the nipples, flicking and rubbing it. All the while the two Sonyas are fingering themselves, and have brought themselves together into a messy kiss once again, saliva slowly dripping down their chins. Sonya then stops sucking

"I hope you're not leaving me out again~"

"Wouldn't even dream of it~"

"Come here~"

The three Sonyas once again meet in a sloppy three way kiss, this time with nothing on but their tights and shoes, their breasts mushroomed together as their tongues sloppily dance around each other in wanton pleasure, the three sets of lips enveloping each other with saliva dripping down their faces as they finger each other's wet pussies. They moan into each other's mouths again as each of them feel two sets of fingers pumping their pussies, spreading their pussy lips and  rubbing as if their lives depended on it.

All they felt within each others embrace in this moment was pure bliss.

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