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I Need More Tools!

Episode #9137
“Oh no! The fastest thing to do is drawings and paint, and I don’t have enough paint left for all this!”

She quickly runs out of the art room and down the hallway towards the parking lot.

“Hopefully the art store is open at 8pm! Please please please please pleeeeease...”

Harriette was on her train of thought for too long and wasn’t focusing on running, as she tripped and slid down some hallway until she stopped flat face to the floor.

“Owww... that really hurt... wait, is that...?”

When Harriette stood up, she had slid in front of the Science lab door, and it was open!

“Perfect! They always write down notes, and have really good markers for some of their projects! Some were even borrowed from the art room the other day! I can do 20 drawings easy!”

With that, she ran into the Science lab and ran straight for the desks. She showered each desk, picking up and pencils and markers that she could. Then she found a very futuristic looking marker.

“Huh, what’s with you little guy?”

Harriette picks up the Marker and examines it.

“Now why would some scientists mess with you so much? Look at you, you’ve got glowing eyes, what seems like no lid to keep your tip safe, and a button as if you’re some crazy machine or something!”

Harriette kept looking at the Marker, then...

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Rated: G     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jul 09, 2018   05:26