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Push the Red Button

Episode #9140
Harriette’s curiosity got the better of her.

”Perhaps it won’t do much but glow? Still...” she thought to herself.

And with that, she pressed the Red button! And what happened was... nothing...

“The hell?! Is this thing broken or something?”

She pressed the button again and again... with nothing happening. She was livid.


Harriette was about to throw the Marker, when she noticed on the other side of it a small screen with a the number 10, the amount of times she pressed the other button, on it, and a green button beside it.

“Huh... I don’t think that was there before.” She thought to herself, twirling her hair.

“Well, I might as well see what this does, now that i’ve wasted this time...”

She let out a deep sigh, but pressed the green button. All of a sudden, she had a massive headache, and the room seemed to start spinning for her, in fact, it most certainly was. She let out a blood curdling scream due to the pain, but moments later stops screaming as the pain instantly goes away, and with quick relief, falls to the ground.

“Wha... the Fuck was that...?” She panted out loud.

Just then, she heard a crash outside the doors of the science lab.

”Oh shit, there’s someone else here?!”

Harriette quickly hid behind some machines, out of anyone’s sight. Harriette held her breathe, and the door opened. She heard foot steps walk into the room, and the door shut. Scared, Harriette wanted to know who was in the room with her, so she slowly peeked around the corner, only to find...

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Rated: PG     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jul 14, 2018   04:16