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Something unmistakably different

Episode #9146
Mrs. Evens and her counterpart glare daggers at each other when suddenly... the obvious solution arose.

"DNA test!"

"You're calling that on me? You just want to waste time in my class."

"And yet an imposter would really want to back down from this situation"

"Or bring it up to waste my time. I have papers to correct."

"My papers, mind you. The truth is going to be unmistakable"

SLAM Mrs. Evens slapped the desk next to her hard enough to make the class jump. 5 minutes have already gone by but they were enthralled by the conflict. "Tomorrow. 5:30." She slaps her flip phone closed. "The appointment is already booked."

"And I call your bluff. See you there." Mrs. Evens scoops up her bag and walked out to correct her papers

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Rated: G     Author: Fuckduder
Jul 10, 2018   15:33