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Out of body déjà vu

Episode #9161
Harriette looked around the corner to see... herself!

She sat there in awe as she saw her exact look alike frantically checking desks and counters, just like she had been doing about 10 minutes ago or so...

”Wait, 10 minutes?!” she thought to herself, as she looked down at her marker, and at the screen, now showing blank, but what had previously shown a 10 on it.

”No way... could this small thing have actually sent me into the past 10 whole minutes?! I better watch her... me... to see if I do everything the same, then I’ll know for sure!”

Sure enough, after 10 minutes, Harriette watched as Harriette checked the room, while avoiding being located, finding her own marker and pressing a red button on it 10 times. Harriette was trying to process this whole thing, when she nearly jumped as her double yelled out in rage.


Harriette had shivers, remembering the feeling of the exact rage her ‘previous self’ had just had.

Finally, Harriette watched as her double pressed the green button and seemed to quickly fade away.

Harriette came out of her hiding spot, and looked around to make sure this wasn’t some elaborate prank. It wasn’t.

“Wow... I actually am holding a time machine in my hands...”

She took of the lid of the one end and wrote a line down in the desk.

“It’s even a working  marker! Fuck yeah!”

Harriette quickly left the science lab, but realized she still needed some supplies...

“Wait a second...” Harriette had an idea.

She quickly ran to her locker and checked inside, and her assumption was right!

She had totally packed some markers earlier and forgotten them in her locker. Such a blonde mistake... though these markers seemed brand new.

“Welp, time to start working!” She said cheerfully, grabbing the markers and going back to the art room.

When she got back, she immediately started drawing, fully focused, keeping hydrated with energy drinks, all through the night. Finally, it was around 2AM, and she was starting to get really tired.

“Oh man... I’m not even finished one of my drawings, how am I suppose to finish around 20?!”

Harriette slumped in defeat, she had lost all hope...

“Wait, I’ve got an idea!” She yelled, looking at the Time Marker. As she did, a wicked smile grew on her face.

She would...

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Rated: G     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jul 15, 2018   03:51