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Episode #9167
Both Miias glared at each other, erect nipples stabbing each other reminding them how their clothes ripped apart as they split. They can feel the tension amongst themselves and knew exactly what was about to happen.

"Just admit it," both said. "I'm the real deal."

The two lamias then put their lips together and shared a small kiss, later roughly french kissing as their tongues wrestled violently in each other's mouth.

Their breasts continued to squeeze together, the nipples attempting to push each other away. The Miias grabbed each other's back, pushing their breasts even further together.

The hips moved closer and closer together until they finally bumped into each other. The lamia tails still slithered though, wrapping around each other in a clockwise motion. The tails tightened together, squeezing their hips so much that their pussies started to make contact. As they moved closer and closer, the lamias lost their balance, and fell onto the floor, still tangled together.

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Rated: X     Author: Anonymously Anonymous
Jul 16, 2018   06:38