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Two is better than One

Episode #9174
“I know! I’ll go back in time and help myself do the work, that way I won’t be nearly as bored and we’ll get twice as much done!” Harriette said with a large smile on her face.

And with that, she stood up, set the time on the marker for a few hours back, grabbed her one painting, and clicked the green button.

After a few minutes, Harriette was standing in the same spot in the room. As she looked around, she saw right beside her on the floor, another Harriette, who looked very surprised and scared at Harriette.

Harriette smiled at the Harriette on the floor and offered a hand to help her up with a slight chuckle.

The other Harriette, seemingly calming down now, accepted the hand and was pulled up to stand beside her new double.

Both Harriettes stared at eachother, a growing smile between them as they inspected their identical bodies.

“This...” said Harriette

“Is...” said Harriette

“...AMAZING!!” They both yelled together. They then started to laugh due to the new echo in their voice.

Harriette quickly glanced at the clock nearby. ”Yep, 9pm, perfect!

“So, when are you from, stranger?” Harriette asked the Harriette looking at the clock.

Harriette looked back. “Oh, a couple hours from now.”

“Really?!” Harriette looked surprised. “Why’d you come back in time?”

“Well... there was no way I was gonna be able to finish all this art alone, I figured if we worked together we’d get a lot more done!”

Harriette had a look of awe on her face. “Wow! The future me is so smart!”

Harriette blushed. “Why thank you... past me?”

Harriette placed the completed art down on a desk, then sat with Harriette to discuss about what art they should work on.

However... with Harriette’s tendency to talk a lot, this quickly turned from talking about the task at hand, to steering way off topic about many different things. They giggled, laughed and gossiped for a very long time, until Harriette looked at the clock and saw it was now 3 am...


Harriette put a hand on Harriette’s shoulder. “Hey now, it’ll be fine.” She said. “At least... we have eachother now, right?” She smiled, slightly blushing.

”Eachother?” Harriette repeated the word. Then she jumped up out of her seat. “Harriette, you’re a genius!”

“Well... I know that, but care to tell me why now?” Harriette blushed and followed Harriette around the room.

Harriette grabbed the Time marker from a desk and held it up. “If we go back in time again, there should be more of us, meaning we’ll get more work done even faster!”

“Amazing as always, Harriette.” Harriette said, giving a shoulder rub to Harriette.

“What can I say, I’m usually the brains of the groups I work in.” Harriette said with a sense of pride.

Harriette grabbed the one painting, while Harriette set the Time marker for a little after 9, that way they’d meet with 2 Harriettes rather than just 1.

“Alright... I don’t know how this works, so just hold...” Harriette tried to say to hold on, but was cut off as Harriette went straight for a large hug from behind.

“Like this?” Harriette said softly in Harriette’s ear.

“Uh... yeah... like that. Now hang on!” Harriette said, slightly confused.

And with that, Harriette pressed the button, when the room stopped spinning, Harriette saw...

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Rated: PG     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Jul 20, 2018   13:24