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Assessing the situation

Episode #9186
The Supergirls struggled to their feet. With one eye on each other, they surveyed the room they were in. It was a bare metal room, walls, floor, ceiling. It was lit by a dim light which seemed to come from the ceiling itself. It was featureless, but for a long passageway in one wall that led to what looked like a reinforced metal door, which glowed with an odd greenish-red light.

From nowhere and everywhere came the voice of Lex Luthor. “Greetings Karas! As you’ve probably guessed, the Black kryptonite has split you, or duplicated you, whatever. Anyway, the door out of the room you’re in is impregnated with both red and green kryptonite, which will weaken you both to the point where you will not be able to open it if you get near it. So here’s the deal - one comes out. You two have it out, and I let the winner free. If the Kara with the red accessories wins, well life goes on. But if the Kara with the blue accessories wins, well the world will be looking a whole lot more interesting. Or - hopefully for me - you kill each other! Good luck ladies!” Then there was silence.

Supergirl and Dark Supergirl locked eyes again. What next?

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Rated: G     Author: SF5
Jul 18, 2018   02:37