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Winner gets out

Episode #9189
Dark Supergirl smirked at her double, breaking the tense silence. “Well, looks like kicking your goody goody ass is my ticket out of here. Shall we?” She took a fighting stance.

“You’re not getting out of here. And yes, let’s,” replied Supergirl matter of factly, taking a mirrored stance.

Simultaneously, the Supergirls let loose with heat and cold beams, respectively, from their eyes. These met 1/2 way between them and cancelled in a rush of steam. After several moments of this, they stopped and changed tactics. Freezing breath from Supergirl was met by fire breath from Dark Supergirl, with the same result. Again they stopped after several seconds and regarded each other, thinking this could be dfficult ...

Now Supergirl let loose with her heat beams AND freezing breath as Dark Supergirl let loose with cold beams AND fire breath. They held these longer, pouring it on, but it was no use, they only succeeded in generating so much steam that the room was enveloped in pea soup one fog.

Supergirl suddenly stopped her attack and rocketed through the steam, to catch her opponent unaware. She realized this hadn’t worked when she slammed headfirst into Dark Supergirl, who apparently had the same idea (again).

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Rated: G     Author: SF5
Jul 18, 2018   19:49