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Lose those tops

Episode #9195
The Supergirls short flights ended in a literal head on collision. Forehead met forehead, their bodies then pivoting from that point so their breasts then pelvises met with a double crack, their arms and legs tangling. The dropped to the floor in a heap with a double groan.

As the cobwebs cleared, the Supergirls disentangled and pushed free of each other. Supergirl hit Dark Supergirl with a right to the jaw, sending her down to one knee. Dark Supergirl rose and returned the same blow with the same result. Then Dark Supergirl swept Supergirl’s legs, landing her flat on her rump. Supergirl rose and it returned the favor, and it was Dark Supergirl’s turn to get off her but.

Then each Kryptonian threw a straight left, and her counterpart caught the punch with her right hand. Each was holding the balled fist of the other, midway between them. Their muscles were tense, their arms and legs starting to tremble with the effort as seconds turned to minutes, trying to overcome, neither willing to take a chance on releasing.

Desperate to break the stalemate, Supergirl hit her counterpart with a wide angle burst of heat vision, at the same moment Dark Supergirl hit her counterpart with a blast of flame breath. Both were enveloped from the waist up for several seconds, before releasing each other in pain and stumbling back.

Kara recovered quickly, but something felt off. Literally off - her top and cape had burned away, leaving her naked from the waist up; only her gold belt and red skirt and boots remained. She instinctively crossed her arms over her ample bossom as her eyes again met her doppelganger’s, Dark Supergirl was topless as well, her top burned off, leaving just her gold belt, blue skirt and boots.

Dark Supergirl chuckled at her counterparts modesty, putting her hands on her hips and thrusting out her breasts. “Why so shy? You should be proud of “the girls!”” she taunted. Her embarrassment turning to anger, Supergirl put her hands on her hips and thrust her breasts out in a mirror pose. “Nothing you haven’t seen before I suppose,” Supergirl replied, adding a dig “though mine are better,” throwing in a wink for good measure.

Each Kara felt her nipples hardening and extending, and couldn’t help noticing her counterpart’s doing the same ...

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Rated: R     Author: SF5
Jul 19, 2018   03:12