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Episode #9199
The Supergirls strode towards each other for round 2. Simultaneous lefts to the gut doubled them over. Bent at the waist, heads side by side, each quickly locked her right arm around the others neck. They stumbled around the room like this, neither able to break the hold, not helped by the distraction of the sides of their respective bare right breasts coming into contact ...

Coming to a standstill again, Supergirl sent a blast of freezing breath down at her opponent’s feet, while Dark Supergirl did likewise with her freeze vision. By the time they realized what was happening and stoppped, both were encased in ice up to their waists. Each was about to use her heat vision/breath to melt the ice when her opponent realized this and, releasing their mutual headlocks, reached behind & grabbed 2 handfuls of hair and pulled back, causing their races to point up towards the ceiling, as each yelped and cried “Bitch!” This also had the side effect of causing their breasts to jut out, nipples striking head on before disappearing between flattening breasts, eliciting a low erotic moan of pleasure from both.

This went on for several minutes, the Karas groaning and moaning from the combo of painful hair pulling plus the pleasurable sensations from breasts mashing together, nipples lancing. Despite the distractions, they were both trying to literally fly out of the ice to break free. Eventually, with a ripping and cracking sound, it worked. They flew from the ice - in fact they flew out of their skirts and boots as well, those remaining well stuck in the ice - and of course their momentum carried them head 1st into the ceiling with a loud CLANG.

The 2 Karas thudded to the floor in a tangled heap, clad now only in, respectively, blue or red low rise bikini panties.

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Rated: R     Author: SF5
Jul 19, 2018   14:09