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A better way to settle this

Episode #9206
Both Karas rolled away from each other, leaping to their feet and glaring furiously into their opponents' eyes. Neither Supergirl was ready to give up, but each privately admitted to themselves that this fight would be tougher than they thought.

Simultaneously, the Supergirls began to circle clockwise, each mirroring the other's every motion. Their full breasts bounced slightly with every move, which each Supergirl could not fail to notice.

"Like what you see?" Supergirl Blue smirked, enjoying getting under her good doppelganger's skin.

"Like you don't," Supergirl Red fired back, determined not to let her evil twin gain the upper hand.

Both Kryptonians rocketed forward, colliding with a solid thump as they had before. However, instead of throwing punches, each Kara reached down and slid her fingers along her double's panties. Both girls gasped at the sensation, eyes fluttering shut involuntarily.

"You know," Supergirl Red murmured, voice much higher-pitched than before, "there is a much more enjoyable way to settle this,"

"At last we agree on something," Supergirl Blue replied, in the same tone. "Let's do this, sexy."

Each heroine looped an arm around the other's shoulders and pulled her in, at the same time allowing herself to be drawn into her doppelganger's embrace. Blue eyes looked into blue, both pairs hazy with arousal. Each Supergirl moaned gently, overcome with sudden desire, and pushed her fingers over her double's panties and into her opening, already moist with need.

Fingers began a slow, steady rhythm, and the two Kryptonians locked lips, ready to enjoy what promised to be a most...stimulating activity.

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Jul 31, 2018   06:54