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The Royal Orgy of Silver and Purple

Episode #9238
One by one, Corrin directed her hundreds of bodies to start making out with each other and start fondling themselves all over.  It was strange seeing things from so many eyes at once, but her vastly increased number of individual minds linked together helped to make it strangely natural.  Realizing that her clothes were a barrier between her and absolute pleasure, Corrin gradually stripped down her bodies while trying to continue the lovemaking as much as possible.  Most of her removed the cumbersome garments quickly and with purpose, but she also used just enough of her bodies to put on a sensuous striptease show.

Starting with her cape, she loosened the clasp and let it fall to the floor while pretending to blush.  Without missing a beat, she then removed the sleeves of her outfit agonizingly slow to instill burning desire into the dozen pairs of eyes watching this show.  Unbandaging her feet, she wriggled her toes enticingly before letting her leggings down.  Then, one buckle at a time, she slooooowly removed her top, leaving her only in her sexy black lace lingerie, which would have caused a scandal if the Nohrian kingdom's informants managed to capture them with a Snapshot tome.  One brastrap fell down her shoulder, threatening to expose her jiggly left breast. Corrin shrugged her shoulder a bit and turned away partially in mock shyness.  Then she pulled down the other strap, and crossed her arms under her cleavage, causing her breasts to look even larger. Satisfied with the arousal instilled in her audience, she finally finished exposing herself completely and stood nude before her naked clones.

Just as with the other bodies she made to give similar teases, she instantly let herself get swarmed with other Corrins.  One ran up and started passionately kissing her, letting their tongues dance in their mouths while fighting a perfectly even battle for dominance. Another Corrin came up and started licking and squeezing her right breast, soon to be matched on the left with another eager participant. A fourth body knelt before her, and dutifully began eating her out.  Others came to pleasure her further, licking her belly, the insides of her thighs, her shoulders, ears, and neck, hungrily finding any way to intensify the chain of sensations being transmitted among herselves. Meanwhile, the Corrin being pleasured guided her fingers into the nearest clits they could find, causing more moans of ecstasy.

Elsewhere in the room, a lone Corrin was standing alone, the original, with her eyes closed as she felt and saw everything her other bodies were doing.  Suddenly, a familiar soft sensation was felt on her back, accompanied by the tickling sensation of long hair falling over her shoulder.  Two hands reached around to the front and began massaging her tits, and a silky voice whispered in her ear, "dear sister, are you enjoying yourself so much you forgot me? Oh, I'll have to show you something that you. Will. Never. Forget."

Eyes still closed, Corrin's main body began moaning from Camilla's expert ministrations.  Then she felt someone start licking her womanhood. Another pair of hands began massaging her shoulders. Then a pair of lips clearly puffier than her own began kissing her, while another head squeezed between her legs and joined in double teaming her pussy.

Corrin's eyes bolted open in realization, and her surprise was confirmed. Camilla's eyes stared back into hers as the kiss broke. Looking down, Corrin was met with the hungry gazes of two more Camillas.  Turning around, Corrin gasped at what she saw.

Camilla was everywhere! Small groups of her were engaging in steamy sex in many places, but even more Camillas were engaged in pleasuring other Corrin bodies.  She couldn't be sure, but Corrin felt as if there were many more Camillas than Corrins. 

Camilla interrupted these thoughts by saying, "how do you like it? I doubt you can forget about your loving older sister when you have seven of her focused on pleasing each of your precious selves.~<3"  Corrin felt a shiver of nervous yet delightful anticipation when the seven Camillas around her finished speaking in perfect sync.

"Now then..." the Camillas chorused, "why don't we..."

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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Jul 31, 2018   09:07