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Additions of Royal Proportions

Episode #9249
Before Corrin could object, Camilla cast another spell on her, and Corrin immediated doubled over in pleasure as her body began transforming.  Whatever happened to the military aspect of this cloning anyway?!?

Corrin began to feel her vision sort of widening as her head stretched sideways. First one eye, then two appeared between her original pair, just as her nose and mouth split in two.  Eventually, a crease formed down the middle of her head and neck, then it finished splitting into two complete heads.

Next, her breasts began expanding til they were nearly doubled in size, then the mass shifted and split laterally down the center, moving and reforming such that she had four breasts in two rows at the same size as before the spell. (Still Camilla's prodigious size though.)  Two bumps appeared under her arms on each side, slowly extending outward and taking shape into two new pairs of arms.

Down further, and intense jolt of pleasure hit Corrin as her clit split in two inside her vagina.  Then the vagina itself split in two, each with a pair of clitori inside.

If it stopped there, Corrin would have no reason to complain about the pleasures in store for her. However, Camilla's magic had one more surprise in store for her.  Again, her heads began splitting again, but this time, her shoulders widened as two pairs of heads moved away from the other pair, and the crease continued down her torso, stopping at the waist.  Each half of her upper body grew to replace what was lost, and Corrin was left with two torsos with four breasts and six arms each.  Additionally, her waist widened as her pussies moved farther apart, and another appendage formed at the middle, growing downward til it reached the floor, forming a middle leg.

As if knowing about some of her parallel world counterparts, the spell added one last addition to Corrin.  To the right of each pussy, a bump formed that slowly pushed out, forming a long, rigid cock to the left of each.  As the transformation finished, Corrin cummed from both penises and both pussies at once, leaving her a panting mess on the floor.

About a minute later, two Camillas extended their hands to help Corrin back to her feet. "So, do you like the additions?" they asked her gleefully.

Corrin replied...

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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Aug 01, 2018   08:49