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Even More Royal Additions

Episode #9258
"Oh, Camilla, this body feels so good!" Corrin exclaimed while gasping for breath with all four mouths. "Please sister, help me feel even better!"

Giggling, Camilla gave in to her irrefusable sister's request. "As you wish, darling~~."  And with that, she began weaving another enchantment.

As Corrin kept sitting on the floor, basking in the afterglow, she felt a tingling sensation in her mouths.  Suddenly, she felt compelled to stick her tongues out.  But... they kept coming out, further and further! Finally, when they were long enough to comfortably reach down to her inner thighs, it quit growing. Pulling it back into her mouth, Corring found she could will each back to its original length if necessary.  Experimentally, she stretched a tongue out and found she could wrap it around one of her dicks, or even reach it down to lick her pussies. 

As she was experimenting with this, the tingling returned all along her tongues.  Slowly, the feeling got more intense, leading her to pull up her tongue in front of her face.  Corrin's eyes widened as she saw her tongues start splitting fron the tip, pulling apart into two tongues each as if an invisible zipper was being opened.  But even after she had two full tongues in each mouth, the sensation continued. Again the process repeated, leaving Corrin with four long, prehensile tongues in each of her four mouths as the feeling subsided.

Before she could have time to play with her many tongues, a familiar feeling in her chest caused Corrin to start moaning again.  Once more, her four breasts on each torso swelled and divided, giving her four rows in total on each upper body. To complement this change, Corrin grew three more pairs of arms, for a total of twelve arms on each torso.  However, nothing could prepare her for what came next.

Immediately, Corrin was forced to her knees by the sheer pleasure of the feeling in her nipples.  It felt as if the mouth of the world's most passionate woman was licking and sucking on them, so exquisitely that Corrin desperately wanted to cum, but couldn't by some unknown force.  An X-shaped crease formed on each nipple, and they all pulled apart into four new nipples on each breast.  But it didn't stop there.  It felt as if something was tugging them from the inside.  Looking down, Corrin gasped as she saw her nipples turn into slit-esque openings.  Sticking a curious finger into one of openings caused a jolt of pleasure that caused her to withdraw her hand.  Yup, her nipples were now pussies.  32 pussies on each torso's breasts, to be exact.

As if that wasn't enough, Camilla used her magic to add one more penis and vagina right below Corrin's other sets between her legs.

At last, the magic released, and the pent up pleasure flooded out of Corrin as she had the largest orgasm she ever experienced.  Waking up five minutes later from her blackout, Corrin saw that Camilla applied her magic to all of Corrin's bodies.  Seeing her little sister awake, Camilla turned to her and smiled.  "How was that sweetie?"

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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Aug 02, 2018   08:30