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Let the Orgy Begin!

Episode #9260
After saying so, Corrin threw herself toward the two Camillas standing nearest to her, embracing them with both her torsos.  Using both heads, Corrin locked one Camilla in a three-way kiss.  However, things got interesting as Corrin used two tongues from each mouth, creating a dance of five tongues among three mouths, causing Camilla's tongue to be woefully overpowered by the others.  Meanwhile, Corrin used just one mouth to kiss the other Camilla, instead letting her fourth head lean in to kiss Camilla's neck.  Slowly, her long tongue snaked out, sliding along Camilla's back toward the front, where it started to curl around her breast and up between her boobs, finally reaching to lick and tickle her nipple, all while sliding in and out of her cleavage like a paizuri on her tongue.  Next, another toungue snuck out, reaching up to sensuously, slowly lick Camilla's ear in an erotic way.  Finally, Corrin sent a third tongue that slowly spiralled down Camilla's torso, eventually curling around her thigh and ending at her pussy.  Gently, she used the tip to teach Camilla's opening, coaxing out a loud moan from the violet-haired beauty.

Seeking to maximize Camilla's pleasures as thanks for her new body, Corrin continued to have more bodies join in pleasuring the two Camillas. One Corrin came up behind them, grabbing their breasts and massaging them slowly, devoting two hands to each, one for squeezing the mound and the other for teasing the nipple. Another hand went down to pleasure the clit of the Camilla having a three way kiss, while Corrin devoted her remaining hands to fulfill her own needs, fingering her clits and stroking her cocks.  The next Corrin who came up knelt down before the Camillas, and opened her mouths to let out her 16 tongues like a crowd of tentacles. Wrapping them around the Camillas and her own kiss-engrossed body, she used them to stimulate the other Corrin's nipplecunts and Camilla's nipples while pulling them closer together, causing their sizeable boobs to mash together. A fourth and final Corrin joined in, using her many hands and tongues delicately to alternately lick and massage any patches of skin she could find on each Camilla's flawless bodies.

Spurred by the mind-numbing pleasure she was receiving, Camilla refused to let herself be outdone, knowing that she still outnumbered the Corrins seven to one.  Soon, the quartet of Corrins pleasuring the Camillas was surrounded by a throng of purple-haired sisters, who began kissing and fondling the Corrins all over, all while attempting to finger as many of their nipplecunts as they could.  Soon, Corrin was overwhelmed with the feeling of nearly 128 breasts and pussies being penetrated, licked out, or otherwise fondled by her sister's many clones.  Meanwhile, adventurous Camillas snuck up to each Corrin's crotch, and began giving double paizuris or sucking off each of the dozen cocks available.

Onward the orgy continued among the hundreds and hundreds of bodies, as tits mashed against tits, tongues wrestled with tongues, and vaginas scissored against vaginas.  In one part of the castle, two Corrins were making out with all four mouths, each of them doing a four-tongued french kiss. Greedily they mashed their cleavage together, giving a stimulation halfway between scissoring and breast massage.  Down lower, their hips gyrated as their erect penises rubbed against each other and their vaginas, sending waves of pleasure upward.  Elsewhere, a lone Corrin was getting ganged up on by over fourteen Camillas, who were greedily kissing her, sitting on one of her faces while getting eaten out, and most of all sucking on her many breast-pussies.  Everywhere, the sexual pleasure was being built up and echoed across hundreds of linked bodies, til finally it burst, causing countless feedback looped orgasms for every Corrin and Camilla.  The floor became positively soaked with all the cum, and all the girls were coated in slick and sticky goop.

Xander couldn't take it anymore. The banging on his chamber door had been going on for half an hour straight, and he couldn't shut out the noise however he tried.  He wrenched open the door while shouting,

His words fell from his mind as he saw a crowd of purple haired Camilla clones engaging in pure narcissism outside his door.  Before they could reach him, he quickly slammed shut the door and locked it, not believing what he saw.

"That's the last time I'm drinking white wine before bed..." He muttered while going back to bed and falling asleep, hoping to forget this "nightmare."

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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Aug 06, 2018   09:06