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Camilla's Self-Improvement and the Multiplying Princesses

Episode #9279
Feeling outnumbered, Corrin asked Camilla, "you know, there are rather many of you compared to me, maybe could we use the mirror to make more bodies for me?"

Camilla grinned widely. "Why of course! I can never have too many little sisters. Let's make enough to rival the full army of Nohr!"

Corrin started to panic. "No wait, we don-"

But Camilla already cast the spell, and more Corrins started walking out of the mirror.  Every time, she felt a new body join her consciousness, and the feedback any sexual pleasure caused got just a tad more amplified.

Meanwhile, Camilla availed herself the opportunity to apply some transformation magic to herself, again aiming to pleasure her favorite sister even better than before.  Starting in a manner similar to her sibling, Camilla's head widened before splitting down the center, leaving her with two heads.  Next, she stuck out her tongue, watching it lengthen until it was nearly twice as long as Corrin's.  Then it divided into four to match its predecessor.  Camilla knew she would love putting these new tongues to use.

Moving down to her torso, the magic got to the fun part.  Camilla's breasts slowly grew to twice their normal size, sending erotic pleasure throughout the swarm of Camillas.  Dividing and shifting, the breasts split their mass to form a second pair below the original.  Then the process repeated until Camilla had eight breasts in all. Bumps formed down the sides of her torso, growing out into five new pairs of arms, giving her 12 arms just like Corrin.  Oddly, Camilla also chose to grow an extra finger on each hand. 

Here, the magic started to really differ from what Corrin was gifted with.  Gradually, Camilla's nipples started to grow large and puffy. After reaching a certain size, a horizontal crease appeared on each one, deepening and expanding into a cavity inside the breasts.  Finally, the nipples revealed their final form, turning into replicas of Camilla's puffy lips. As the transformation finished on her breasts, her lipples opened wide as they suddenly gasped for their first breath of air, quickly following up with a chorus of moans and sighs of pleasure.  Brimming with curiosity, Camilla reached up a hand to stroke her lipples, and shuddered in pleasure since the contact with the lips really felt like she was playing with her nipples.  Sticking a finger inside, she found four tongues in each mouth, and moaned as the intrusion into her breast-mouth felt like sticking a finger in her pussy.

Much like with Corrin, the next phase was for her torso to divide, giving her another complete torso and pair of heads.  Finally, the spell reached her crotch and legs. Camilla's lower body widened to accommodate two torsos, and in the process grew two more legs, such that she had four all side by side in a row. Each foot had seven toes, and in each of her three crotches there were three vaginas and two cocks.  Though not apparent from a glance, each pussy housed three long clits.

Now that her body finished changing, Camilla couldn't help but try testing it.  Two bodies came up to each other, and all four heads on one body began making out with the other Camilla's heads.  But that wasn't the limit! All eight breasts on each torso found their perfect twin on the other Camilla, causing another 16 kisses to start.  It felt mindblowing, as each of those 16 french kisses caused the dual pleasure of licking nipples and eating out a pussy.  Free hands roamed to caress the clone in front of her, teasing breast flesh, grabbing her pert butt, and fingering a vagina or two, teasing each clit inside them.  Angling her bodies just right, she began thrusting her dicks into her partner, who also returned the favor.  All over the castle, other Camillas were engaging in similar scenes, sometimes with Corrins instead of Camillas.

Speaking of the draconic girl, now that her cloning halted as she reached a massive 4,096 clones (to outnumber Camilla), her big sister got a devilish idea.  Corrin did mention being outnumbered by Camilla, but didn't explicitly ask for any more than just "more bodies."  So more Camillas couldn't hurt, right?  No sooner had Camilla thought this than she was there by the mirror, starting another wave of self cloning.  Setting a target to have four bodies ready to pleasure and protect each and every Corrin, she eventually finished making several thousand more clones, bringing the number of Camillas to 16,384.  Knowing the castle had no hope of fitting so many Corrins and Camillas in it, she used her magic to send all of them and the mirror into a subspace with an ever expanding castle.


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Rated: X     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Aug 11, 2018   09:20