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Ilia's familiar neighbours

Episode #9316
"So...t-tired..." Ilia took a nap right as one of those incredibly tiny pieces entered her body, leaving her unaware that her peaceful life would be interrupted once again...

It was some time later that the young woman woke up. Looking around, she saw that it was long past sunset, the entire area now being dark.

"Guess I conked out." Ilia pulled herself to her feet, knowing it was best to get home now before someone got worried about her. "Time to head back."

Making her way back towards home, Ilia felt...odd. It felt like something was missing, but she didn't know what.

As she left the forest and crossed the archway leading into the village, she finally realized what the problem was.

"My name...is Ilia...but..." That was it. All she knew was her name. Everything else about her life was a total blank. "What...what's going on!? Why can't I remember anything!?" Forgetting that it was late and that others might be sleeping, her voice rang out among the town.

"What...happening?" Ilia fell to her knees, trying to recall something about herself, but beyond her name, nothing came at all. That's when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down. Just calm down." The voice was soft and comforting. "It's ok. You're among friends here." Ilia looked up at the person speaking...


And blinked. Standing over her...was a girl who looked exactly like her: same eyes, same face, same clothing, everything.

"Hey everyone!" The other Ilia called out. "We got another one!" More people came out, and to Ilia's shock, they were also identical to her. Soon she was surrounded by fellow Ilias.

"...what is this?" She asked, unable to process what was in front of her.

"...um..." The Ilia who'd first found her seemed to take a moment to think. "Well, this is Ordon Village...otherwise known as the village of Ilias. All the other Ilias just shrugged. "We're all like you; we don't remember anything besides our name, and we ended up here not too long after."


"No clue, but you look tired. I'll take you somewhere where you can get some rest." The standing Ilia extended a hand, and Ilia took it.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 15, 2018   14:00