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A day in the lives of Ilias

Episode #9323
The sun shone down on Ilia's faces, forcing her awake.

"Bah! Stupid sun!" It was hard to sleep with something like that on you. The young girl quickly woke up, ate breakfast, and stepped outside.

"Morning Ilia!" Another girl, identical to her in every way called out to her when she emerged from her home, while waving. Ilia waved back.

"Morning to you too, Ilia!" Ilia replied. The two girls smiled at each other.

It hadn't been too long since the latest Ilia joined the village, but she had found herself assimilating rather quickly. It must have been the company. The others all knew what she was going through and did their best to make her feel at home, and being surrounded by such familiar faces helped her out a lot.

All the girls mostly got along great, though even Ilia sometimes got on Ilia's nerves: the girl was stubborn, and when she thought she was right about something, she didn't back down. That being said, all the Ilias loved each other, and the town prospered. There was an Ilia for every role: Farming and ranching, hunting, housework, etc. Though it seemed like who did what was always changing...none of them were sure since they were all the same, and some Ilias liked to play jokes and pretend they were a different Ilia. It didn't stop things from getting done, as someone eventually filled the gap.

The recently awoken Ilia and the Ilia who'd greeted her walked up to each other.

"Have you seen Ilia?" Both asked at the same moment, only to realize they'd talked at the same time. "Oh, I'm sorry. You go first...um..."

One held up her hand, breaking the synch.

"You should go first." Ilia said.

"Um...thanks." Ilia replied. "Anyway, I think I saw her out by the Spring."

"Thanks. I just woke up, but I suspect Ilia will be over at the Ranch."

"Ok! See you later Ilia!"

"You too Ilia!"

The two girls parted ways to search for their respective person.

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Rated: G     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 25, 2018   15:37