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And Now the Gods must be jerks!

Episode #935
What he saw was that their swords were begining to crack. Soon they would break, and both the women would be unarmed. The Power of the Gods being turned against itself so to speak. It would be quite a site.

Only the clashing of their blades could be heard as the two women battled each other. Neither had spoken a word since their battle began, both wanting only to defeat the other and move forward. Their swords met with incredible force, time and time again, both women putting their all into every swing. Thoughts of their family, of what the price of failure would be drove them to fight with greater strength, and more notably aggresion than ever before.

'I can't fail! I have to reach the top!' They were both begining to breath heavily, as there had been few pauses in their battle since it had began. This had to end.

"TAKE THIS!" Their Omega swords met again with great force, but finally the strain of the battle took their toll. The Holy blades simply broke under the pressure. The world seemed to slow around them as it happened. Sophitia and Sophitia looked on in disbelief as their pieces of their weapons flew off in different directions. Two particulary large pieces flew right by their faces, cutting their cheeks before clanging to the ground behind them.

"I don't believe it!" Neither woman was able to process what had happened. Her sword was gone. Not just gone, but destroyed, and with it, her best chance of success. They turned their eyes on each other, anger etched on their features. This would not be tolerated.

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Rated: PG - Violence     Author: Mr. 2ofher
Aug 20, 2008   23:22