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A New Use for Allure

Episode #9376
Primrose had finally found one of the men marked with the sign of the crow.  Now, she could take vengeance for the death of her father... That is, if that filthy Helgenish hadn't delayed her.  No matter, with her former boss dead, she set off through the desert sands to seek out her prey.

Except, she hadn't counted on a sandstorm blowing along, forcing her to find and take shelter in a cave.  Upon entering, however, it became clear that this was no ordinary cave.  Unwittingly, she stumbled into the Shrine of the Lady of Grace.  With nothing better to do, she decided to venture further inward, where she found a curious pedestal.  As she reached out toward it, a voice echoed in her head.

"Hail, traveler, I am Sealticge, Lady of Grace. Unto thee, who dost venture into this place..."

There was an unnatural pause after those words.  Then the voice hesitantly resumed.

"Umm... You're already a master of my craft, aren't you?  I have seen from above what drives you on your quest.  Have you no companions on this dangerous path?"

Primrose, voice unwavering, replied: "This path of revenge is mine alone to tread.  The only person I can trust to help me is myself, and so the only companion I need is myself, and my father's dagger."

Sealticge's voice echoed again in Primrose's mind.

"Very well, I see your mind is made up.  As my usual gift would be worthless without other travelers here to benefit from it, I shall instead grant you a different power.  When thou wouldst allure a bystander to aid you in your quest, do so with these words: 'Admit it, wouldn't you love to spend time as me?'  These words may seem strange to you, but all will soon be clear. Now, accept my gift!"

A blinding light filled the cave, and divine energy flowed into Primrose.  Feeling the contradictory feelings of reassurance and confusion all at once, Primrose nevertheless pressed onward, and found upon leaving the cave that the sandstorm had ended.  Consulting her map, Primrose found that she had strayed considerably from her intended path, and so decided to regroup back in Sunshade.

Once there, Primrose decided that she should set out with a bodyguard this time around, to help with the desert monsters.  Looking around, she finally saw a mercernary who looked a tad bit drunk.  Beckoning to him with her finger, she lured him into a dim, abandoned alley.  As she was about to work her charms on him, she remembered Sealticge's words.  Figuring it couldn't hurt to see what exactly she was gifted with, she devided to try it.

"Admit it, wouldn't you love to spend time as me?"

Nothing could prepare her for what she was about to witness.  The mercernary's expression slowly changed from puzzlement to shock, as he felt his muscles tense up and paralyze him in place.  His hair quickly began growing longer, while it's sandy blonde color began shifting to a deep brown.  Gradually his facial features softened and grew feminine, and his body followed suit. His muscles disappeared as his arms became slim, his paunch shrunk down til he had a graceful, smooth belly and wide hips, and his legs' mass shifted to form graceful legs with thick thighs befitting of a dancer.  As he started growing generous breasts, Primrose gasped as she saw his face.  It was a face she could recognize anywhere, one she had seen every day of her life: her own.

As the transformation finished and the merc's clothes became an exact replica of Primrose's own, there were left two beautiful, identical women standing in the alley.

How does her clone behave?

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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Sep 09, 2018   08:48