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Cue the older sister

Episode #9390
Jonathon stood up and brushed himself off.  He picked up the switch in one hand and the note in another.

"What a stupid practical joke."

He glanced around outside the front yard, not seeing anyone immediately visible but a lot of hiding spots, and yelled, "Nice try, but you failed!"  Then turned around and stomped inside, slamming the door behind him.

The switch and note landed softly on the sofa next to the video game controller where he tossed them.  He went into the kitchen for a snack.

While staring into the fridge trying to decide what to eat, his older sister Katie came down from her room.  She was 19 and attending her first year of college.  Despite being a college student, she lives at home with her parents and younger brother to reduce costs.  Physically she is tall at 6' when barefoot, and has a firm and fit build from casual sports and swimming.

"Hey Jonny, anything good today?  I need an energy boost for studying.  Ugh, why'd I have to take chem?  This midterm is going... to kick... my butt?"

Jonathon turned just in time to see her go crossed eye and Katie reach up and grab her head.

"Ooooh I.... I don't feel so good..."

Katie staggered to the side and leaned against the wall.  Her head bloated and stretched wider and wider.  A third tightly shut eye grew as it stretched.  Her mouth and nose split vertically, the mouth quickly reforming into two mouths, and her two half noses quickly regrowing.  Her head stretched further apart from itself.  A fourth closed eye grew in just as a crease started to extend down from the top of her head.  It spread quickly, rapidly dividing her extra wide head into two normal identical heads.

She was unable to comprehend what was happening. Katie could feel that something was happening, but she had no idea what.  Rational thought seemed to be absent from her mind.

Jonathon clearly saw that his sister's head had just split into two identical heads.  At the moment the rest of her seemed the same.  But that rapidly changed as her torso started to spread wider in the same way her head had.  Her torso split faster than her head had, rapidly stretching and splitting.  Her clothes stretched and split at the same time.

As her torso split into two identical torsos, more legs and more arms grew in to replace the missing limbs in on each body.  In just under a minute, Katie's entire body split into two identical bodies.

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java
Sep 20, 2018   02:03