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The two-bodied co-ed

Episode #9398
Katie slowly moved her hands from gripping her scalp to rubbing her face.  Both Katies did, at the same time and in the same way.  The pain had left her, leaving only disorientation.

Her breath caught in her throat.  She could feel that something was different, but she didn't know what.  In her mind, the possibility of her being in two places at the same time was simply outside the realm of feasibility.  It never crossed her mind as a possibility.

Seeing.. twice.  Do I... concussion?

"Jonny... What happened?" both Katies asked at the same time, her 2 voices overlaying with just the barest hint of an echo.  She saw her younger brother in the kitchen... twice, from slightly different angles.

"Uhh... you... uhm...  Look left?"  Jonathon barely managed to get the words out.

What does he... oh he better not be messing with me..

Both of Katie's heads turned and looked a little to the left.  She jumped in surprise, both bodies still performing exactly the same actions.


"HOLY SHIT WHAT IS GOING ON!?" Katie screamed as one of her slammed back into the wall, forcefully ramming her back up against it hard enough that it hurt.  Her other body screamed the same thing in unison as she fell down towards the floor.  Katie winced twice as one of her butts hit the floor.

Ow... Twice?  Why did I hurt twice?  In the same spot but... different spot?  Am I... ?

Stunned, Katie's standing body looked down at her sitting body, and her sitting body looked back up.  Now that the synchronicity between bodies had been broken her two brains started to process separately, and she began to comprehend what happened.  Both mouths hung open in surprise and disbelief.

She... looks just like...  But I felt my butt hit the wall.  And... the floor?  Is she... me?  Am I her?
Who is that?  She looks just like me...  But that can't be.  But I can see... and feel... I feel the breath in... Am I her?

Slowly grins crept across both of Katie's mouths.  Her double brains thought as fast as they could, rapidly bringing her to an important realization.

I think I am.  I think I'm her.  And me.  At once.  Can I... prove it?
This shouldn't be possible.  But here I am.  We am.  No, I am.  I am one.. but two.

"Marco" said leaning Katie.
"Polo" responded sitting Katie.
"Marco" leaning Katie said again.
"Polo" the sitting one responded once more.
"Boom goes the dynamite!" both Katies said in unison.

Oh my god... This is amazing.  I'm in two places now!  How could this even happen?
Haha it's like I'm two people but I'm still one person!  It's weird thinking two things at once, but also awesome.

Both Katies grinned widely.  The Katie leaning against the wall turned and looked at Jonathon.  "So, I uh... I guess it's pretty obvious to you what just happened, isn't it?"  Jonathon wordlessly nodded.  "How neat is this!?!?" Katie's sitting body exclaimed as she jumped to her feet.

This is fantastic, now I'll finally have time for my hobbies! No more missing parties cause I have to study!
I bet this will help me with my chem final.  I can study twice as hard. Or maybe...  I need to test what my limits are!

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java
Sep 20, 2018   02:36