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Multitasking test: A video game, of course

Episode #9406
"Huh, this is..." "...going to be fun.  Hey Jonny..." "...wanna help me test just how good a..." "...multitasker I am now?"  Katie spoke with alternating bodies.  One body took a step backwards and looked at the TV in the living room.  "Maybe finally show me how to..." "...play that one game you're..." "...always playing, with the guns.  I just..." "...got a lot of free time."

Jonathon cautiously nodded.  Alarm bells rang constantly in the back of his head - the switch wasn't a trick, it was real!  And had caused his older sister to duplicate when she spoke to him.  That meant that any woman who spoke to him would duplicate.  Maybe he should try to turn it off.  But first he had to deal with his double-bodied older sister.

"Yeah, sure, sounds fun." Jonathon walked past his sisters to leave the kitchen, but one grabbed him in a big hug.  The other Katie walked over to the sofa in the living room and sat down.  Jonathon saw that Katie pick up one of the controllers from the table and start up the gaming console, clearly focused on that task.

"Aww, thanks!  I'm sorry we don't hang out as much as we used to.  College has just been taking so much time.  It's nice to get a break."  Hugging Katie cheerily said, then broke off the hug.  "Go on, I'm waiting.  This game is harder than it looks.  I'll get us some snacks, then I gotta get back to studying."

Katie released her hug and walked over to the fridge where she pulled out some eggs, milk, and grabbed bread from the counter.  She grabbed a pan and turned on the stove.  Jonathon turned and went over to the sofa.

On the sofa, Katie had started up the game and was in the tutorial level, trying and failing to kill a moving target.  When he saw Katie was occupied immediately after respawning, Jonathon quickly looked for and found the switch and note.  Katie was sitting on the note, half of it sticking out from under her butt, and the switch had slid down the sofa cushion so it rested against her butt cheek.

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Rated: G     Author: ruffus_java
Sep 21, 2018   00:05