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Explaining the Switch

Episode #9415
While Katie continued her pitiful attempts to clear the tutorial, Jonathon slowly reached over to grab the switch that was leaning against his sister.  Just as his fingers grasped it, Katie moved to itch her thigh, and her hand bumped Jonathon's.  Seeing his guilty grin, she returned a look that demanded an explanation.

Seeing no point in lying, he explained the whole situation to her.  When he was finished, Katie took a moment to gather her thoughts.  In the meantime, her other body finished her task and approached the couch from behind.  Finally, the Katie sitting down spoke.

"Well, that explains things, but considering the benefits this brings for me, I'm really not mad at you.  Tell me, what happens if you turn the switch off?  Would my other body disappear?  And what would happen if you turned it back on?'

Jonathon was surprised at how calmly and inquisitively she was looking at this situation.  Knowing that the letter with the switch said nothing about the results of turning it off, he told her as much.  "I guess there's only one way to find out," he added.


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Rated: G     Author: TheCloneOrgy
Sep 22, 2018   09:26