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Double the Double

Episode #9424
Without thinking about it, Jonathan shut his eyes tight and flipped the switch off. He opened his eyes to see nothing had happened, there was still a Katie on the ouch beside him and a Katie behind them.

“I guess... I guess it’s a permanent effect then.” Jonathan sighed.

Katie turned and looked at her other body, and they both shrugged. “Well, it might be...” “...permanent for now, but this is still...” “...really cool to have! And...” “It’s so useful at that!”

Katie still seemed happy about her situation, so Jonathan took a deep breath and slouched into the couch, until he heard a click in his lap. Jonathan looked down and saw the switch was flipped back on, he went Pale.

His sisters noticed Jonathan’s sudden look of shock and shaking. They each put a shoulder on him. “Hey...” “...Everything alright Bro?” They said, trying to comfort him.

Jonathan quickly looked up and between his two bodied sister, as they quickly let go of his shoulders, starting to roll back in pain. One fallen behind the couch back, the other rolled off the front of the couch from where they had been sitting. As Jonathan watched in near complete shock, he watched as his two bodied sister became his four bodied sister.


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Rated: G     Author: ThePurpleDemon
Sep 22, 2018   12:21